Learn about Ideas

Overview Ideas allow you to discover new securities within a selected universe. Ideas is meant to save you time by surfacing securities that are worth further inquiry.

How Idea Recommendations Work

Idea Recommendations are security recommendations made by our system tailored to your selections within certain filters. We recommend checking Ideas at least once every rebalance period. 

Specifically, these recommendations consider the following: 

  • Delta horizon
  • Investment horizon
  • Strategy
  • Buy & Sell Filters

From there, our system looks at drivers and generates three letter grades for the security, as well as a Stock vs. Universe ranking. 


Drivers are variables that influence different outcomes within the market. We summarize driver rankings into three different categories:

  • Fundamentals
    Things that are influenced by the security itself. Examples include Growth, Quality and Size.
  • Technicals
    Things that are influenced by how the security trades. Examples include Momentum and Volatility.
  • Macro
    Things that are influenced by what’s going on in the world. Examples include Interest Rates and Foreign Exchange Values. 

Once our system assesses how a security has performed within each driver, it generates a letter grade for each category. These letter grades are what make up the Machine Opinion. Machine Opinion grades rank from A to F, with A representing the highest likelihood for positive performance and F representing the lowest. 

We also compare each security’s driver value with the rest of the securities in your strategy’s universe. From there, it gets a Stock vs. Universe ranking on a scale from Very Low to Very High. We compare this ranking with the previous period of your delta horizon.


After looking at the drivers and generating the Machine Opinion, our system compares the results with the overall recommendation on the security. 

It lists securities with the combined highest Stock vs. Universe ranking, Machine Opinion, and recommendation as Strong Buy ideas.

Alternatively, it lists securities with the lowest combined Stock vs. Universe ranking, Machine Opinion, and recommendation as Strong Sell ideas.

Top Rating Moves

The Top Rating Moves widget highlights the top 10 securities with the biggest upwards and downwards movement. 

Sector Rankings

The Sector Rankings widget shows you how different sectors perform relative to each other. Although sector rankings may not change much every week, selecting a longer delta horizon may reveal a sector rotation. 

Top Drivers

The Top Drivers widget highlights bullish and bearish variables contributing to the top and bottom 20% of stocks. The higher the score, the greater the bullish signal. Similarly, the lower the score, the greater the bearish signal.

Buys vs. Sells Differences

The Buy vs Sell Differences widget takes the top bullish and bearish variables and maps how the value of those drivers compares between the top and bottom 20% of stocks. Toggling on the Comparison View shows you how the values have changed since the previous rebalance period.