A complete guide on using Boosted Insights - Strategies

The Strategies feature is where you can find all of the AI-powered strategies used to drive insights across the platform. Here, you can also discover and subscribe to a library of hundreds of strategies curated by the team and other 3rd party institutions. 

Table of Content

What are Strategies?

Strategies are derived from machine learning models whose signals, portfolio construction, and more are optimized for specific goals, constraints, or investment styles. Models are created using inputs defined by the creator and trained through multiple years of input data and backtesting. A model can power multiple strategies.

How to Use Strategies?

Strategy Styles

Strategies are categorized into one of five styles based on the variables used in the model creation: Growth, Momentum, Quality, Value, and Custom. To see the variables the machine uses to rank stocks and make recommendations, go to Explainability in Model Details

You can view Model Details by clicking on your strategy and then clicking 'View Details'.

Strategic vs Tactical Strategies

Strategies that have 'Strategic' in their names use variables that are better for longer-term investments. On the other hand, strategies with 'Tactical' in their names use technical variables that are better for shorter-term investments.