Learn about Watchlists


Watchlists are lists of securities that you put together to get a holistic view of many securities that you care about in one place. Using Watchlists allows you to monitor stock insights across multiple strategies

How Watchlists Work

You can create watchlists on your profile to group different securities together. By creating multiple watchlists, you can sort securities into different groups of your choosing.

By default, we break down watchlist security metadata by strategy. If you want a high-level view across all of your strategies, you can toggle on Show Unified View.

Strategies’ influence on Watchlists

Strategies provide four metrics for each security to help you quickly evaluate its investment quality:

  1. Recommendation
    Boosted Insights provides a Buy, Sell, or Hold recommendation for every security based on learned patterns, Barra risk factors, market conditions, and AI accuracy. Learn more about Recommendation Engine.

  2. Rating
    Securities are assigned a 0-5 Rating based on their investment quality relative to all of the other securities within a strategy's universe. Learn more about Ratings.

  3. Risk
    Risk is a measure of how likely a security can achieve its predicted excess return (Reward). We give Risk a ranking of Very High, High, Average, Low, and Very Low.

  4. Reward
    Reward is a measure of how much excess return a security is expected to have relative to the strategy's benchmark. We give Reward a ranking of Very High, High, Average, Low, and Very Low

Customize your Watchlist

With our customization feature, you can ensure the information you’re seeing is tailored to what you’re interested in.

Note: You can only customize your watchlists while in the unified view.

You can add or remove the following information from your watchlist:

  •  Price
  • Consensus Recommendation
  • Style
  • Earnings
  • Major Developments
  • Breaking News
  • Recommendation Breakdown
  • Average Rating
  • Risk
  • Reward
  • Average Predicted Excess Return

Share your Watchlist

You can easily share your watchlist with other members of your organization. 

Granting your team Editor permissions allows your team members to view and modify your watchlist, allowing for easier collaboration.

Alternatively, granting your team View-only permissions allows your team members to view a watchlist you’ve created without being able to modify it.

Click the eye icon to view and modify your sharing options.