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Last updated: July 1, 2024

Here’s what’s new in June 2024

AI Commentary

  • Single Stock Commentary
    • You can now generate stock-specific commentary for any security supported by
    • Boosted Insights sorts stocks into the following sections:
      • Trades: Highlights stocks in your selected portfolio that have been bought or sold within your specified timeframe
      • Biggest Movers: Highlights stocks with the biggest price movements during your specified timeframe
      • Your Holdings: Contains the rest of your holdings

Portfolio Workspaces

  • Portfolio Style Sleeve Tab
    • The Portfolio Style Sleeve tab enables you to see how closely aligned your portfolio is with your selected style sleeve.
    • This enables you to see exactly which of your securities fall within each sleeves.
    • It also enables you to see each bucketed security’s risk factor, additional criteria, sector, or asset class values in relation to the target ranges set in the sleeve’s ISM settings.

Stock Hub

  • Single Stock Hypothesis
    • Work with Boosted Insights to build out and audit a hypothesis for a single stock
    • Use AI to analyze all available data on News, Earnings and Peer Earnings to find relevant information that validates or voids your hypothesis
    • Go live with your hypothesis and enable continuous monitoring of all qualitative data sources to catch any changes in sentiment

Here's what's new in May 2024


  • Export Discover to XLSX
    • A button is now available on the Discover page allowing you to export all blocks on your page to an XLSX file.
    • Each block will be a separate tab, each block will contain the columns of the discover block on the app.

AI Commentary

  • Templates
    • We've introduced templates in AI Commentary, which allows you to save settings from previous pieces of commentary, ensuring you don't need to set them up again in the future.
  • Export Commentary to a PDF
    • We’ve introduced the ability to export a powerful one-pager after generating a piece of commentary.
    • These one-pagers can be customized to include additional information you may need, such as your personalized logo.

Portfolio Workspaces

  • Shared Workspaces
    • With Shared Workspaces, you'll now be able to share any Portfolio with your team.
    • Sharing a portfolio gives any member of your team the ability to view or edit the portfolio.

  • Export Portfolio Analytics to a PDF
    • We’ve introduced the ability to export a powerful one-pager for any one of your portfolios.
    • Make customizations to your report such as including a custom logo, adding or removing different columns, and selecting your preferred time frame.

  • Analyze a Strategy in Portfolio Workspaces
    • You can now view strategies through the lens of Portfolio Workspaces. This enables you to analyze a strategy through a more customized approach.

    • After you select a strategy, you'll set up your preferences towards allocations, style and the importance of each of your settings. 
    • A read only workspace will be created once you finish the creation flow. You won't be able to make any trades for this type of portfolio, and your holdings and trades will automatically update for you.

Here’s what’s new in April 2024

Stock Hub

  • News Sentiment (located in the News tab)
    • We’ve introduced the “Current News Sentiment”, which showcases a one-month moving average of the news sentiment for your selected security. 
    • We’ve added a graph representing a visual comparison of the rolling sentiment, stock price and benchmark of your choice. 
    • You can find a News Sentiment for articles that relate to your selected security, along with its impact on the security’s price.
  • Export Stock Hub to PDF 
    • We’ve introduced the ability to export a powerful one-pager, containing essential information on a security.
    • These one-pagers can be customized to include any information you need, along with your personalized logo.


  • Discover - New Feature Release
    • We’ve launched a brand new feature called Discover
    • Use Building Blocks to create your own custom and dynamic stock screeners
    • Instantly find securities that match your set qualitative criteria such as your investment style, market themes, major developments from news within your chosen Stock Universes, and Sectors. 

Market Trends

  • Sector/Security Filters
    • We’ve introduced the ability to filter themes by either sector or security
    • This gives you the ability to easily find themes that may affect a particular sector or security 

Portfolio Workspace

  • Portfolio Health Emails
    • You can now subscribe to Daily, Weekly or Monthly Portfolio Health emails
    • Through these emails, you can get notifications on changes to your Portfolio Health Score, Performance, and Dividend Yield.
    • We’ll also inform you on the top market news and themes that are most relevant and influential to your portfolio. 
  • Custom Benchmarks
    • We’ve introduced the ability to measure portfolio performance by setting your own weight combination of securities.

AI Commentary

  • AI Commentary - New Feature Release
    • We’ve launched a brand new feature called AI Commentary
    • AI Commentary is a more streamlined, time-efficient approach to client communications and marketing, precisely tailored to your investment style and portfolio goals.
    • With AI Commentary, you just need to tell us a few things about you. Then, after a few seconds, your commentary is automatically generated for you.